Vibrant Paintings by Jessica Keteyian

001d59_b86249473c6e4402bb9fdc0c1baef98fEver since Jessica Keteyian was a kid she had a terrifying, recurring dream in which I was a small black dot on a huge field of white. Since then, the simplicity of the symbolism of that dream has brought shape and color to her artwork. Now several of Keteyian’s reasonably priced paintings are gracing EVOLVE’s walls until January.

Keteyian is a Seattle-based artist who is drawn to finding simple, almost elemental, ways of expressing ideas and feelings. Using geometric forms, variations in color, and repetition, she creates abstract stories with dimension and movement that resonate on an emotional level. Jessica’s paintings are an open-ended structure for reflection, imagination and reverie.

Keteyian grew up mostly in Maine and Cambridge, Massachusetts– with stops in the Dominican Republic, North Carolina, Paraguay and Santa Fe– among a family of artists and craftspeople. She studied dance at the Boston Conservatory and psychology at Harvard. She’s worked in the fields of survey research, graphic design, retail design, and home accents design and manufacturing; She’s been a buyer and had her own store. Now she lives in Seattle with her husband and two daughters, and paints between homeschooling adventures.

To see more of her artwork, come into EVOLVE or take a look at

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